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Solve Your Skin Care Concerns with Medical Dermatology in Madison, CT at Aria DermSpa

Patients suffering from skin conditions know all too well how an unsightly rash or imperfection can hamper your confidence and make you self-conscious about your appearance. At Aria DermSpa in Madison, CT, Kimberly Cornell, APRN provides expert medical dermatology treatments to help patients reduce their skin care concerns, offering personalized treatment programs for conditions like psoriasis that may combine medications, lifestyle changes, and in-office treatments.

Psoriasis is a relatively common skin condition where skin cells grow rapidly and form itchy and thick patches. These patches can be either red or white, and often appear on the back, knees, elbows, hands, scalp, or feet. Nobody is quite sure what exactly causes psoriasis, but anyone living with psoriasis would certainly be delighted to show off clear and smooth skin again!

Under the medical direction of board-certified dermatologist Dr. Lisa Donofrio, the staff at Aria DermSpa strives to provide medical dermatology to relieve the symptoms of skin conditions with a combination of topical medications and oral prescriptions, as well as services in our Madison office. Since every patient’s skin is unique, Kimberly Cornell works to advise patients on how to best keep skin conditions like psoriasis from impeding normal activities.

Recapture your confidence and keep psoriasis at bay with medical dermatology treatments in Madison at Aria DermSpa. Call 203.421.6674 to schedule your consultation at today.

Solve Your Skin Care Concerns: Medical Dermatology in Madison, CT at Aria DermSpa

Did you know the skin is the body’s largest and fastest-growing organ? Well it is, and like the rest of your vital organs, your skin’s health has to be closely monitored and cared for to keep your body performing at its best. As your first layer of protection, the skin takes a beating from environmental factors and is the first part of the body to show the signs of damage. Genetic and environmental factors can lead to skin conditions that cause rashes, patchy skin, and an irritated appearance that can be embarrassing as well as uncomfortable. To fight back against skin concerns, Dr. Lisa Donofrio and the Aria DermSpa staff offers expert medical dermatology to diagnose and treat skin concerns in Madison, CT.

Some skin conditions, including acneeczema, and psoriasis, require the knowledge and treatment of a trained and experienced dermatologist. Patients in southern Connecticut don’t have to suffer with the patchy, itching, and scarring effects of acne, eczema, or psoriasis with treatments at Aria DermSpa. Dr. Donofrio is a renowned dermatologist that has been providing clearer skin solutions to patients in the area for over 20 years!

Dr. Donofrio and Kimberly Cornell, APRN, can help treat the effects of acne, eczema, and psoriasis with a variety of treatments, including laser therapy, light treatments, topical medications, and oral medications. The exact treatment program will be determined on an individual basis during your initial consultation, but you can be confident that you are receiving a personalized treatment that will provide results for your unique skin type!

In addition to fighting common skin concerns, Aria DermSpa also performs routine Skin Cancer screenings to reduce the risk of this disease. Routine screenings can help detect early signs of skin cancer to help prevent the most serious complications from occurring. At Aria DermSpa, patients can also treat Skin Cancer with photodynamic therapy to remove precancerous lesions.

Most people, at some point in their lives, have to deal with less than ideal skin. Don’t settle for an appearance you don’t love, and don’t struggle with side effects of treatable conditions! With medical dermatology services in Madison, CT at Aria DermSpa, you can take control of your skin for smoother, healthier skin that you’ll be proud to show off.

 For more information on Medical Dermatology in Madison, CT at Aria DermSpa, call 203.421.6674 for a free consultation today!