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How to Tame Rosacea’s Redness at Home and with the Dermatologist

For rosacea patients, flare-ups can a familiar yet frequent annoyance, undermining not only a person’s self-confidence but also causing significant discomfort. Luckily, modern dermatology has made managing the condition easier than ever. Consider adding these at-home and professional options to your ongoing treatment plan and tame your rosacea!

Healing at Home from Rosacea

The first step to putting your rosacea in maintenance mode is to understand precisely what triggers a flare up. Identifying triggers can be somewhat of a challenge – while there may be a hereditary component to the condition, triggers are different from patient to patient. While some may develop the characteristic flushing after spending time outside, others may be triggered by what they ate or drank. Keeping track of what does (and what doesn’t) lead to an outbreak is critical to minimizing your discomfort and keeping rosacea under control.

Being gentle with your skincare regimen is another vital step to managing rosacea. This goes beyond how you care for your skin (keep scrubbing to a minimum) to the kinds of products you should be using. Oil-free and hypoallergenic moisturizer can help limit the effect of environmental triggers while gently cleansers can help keep skin clear without triggering a flareup. For make-up wearers, the concept of “less is more” is important to keep in mind as fragrance-free and mineral-based powders can minimize skin irritation.

Finally, home care should always include an emergency plan in the event of flare-up. While there is no magic cream that can immediately treat a rosacea outbreak, keeping ice packs and other skin soothers can help the redness dissipate more quickly and provide cooling relief.

Getting Professional Rosacea Care

For some, a home maintenance routine may not be enough to alleviate the symptoms and discomfort caused by rosacea. Visiting an experienced dermatologist can open the door to a number of more invasive yet more permanent rosacea management treatments.

Like any other dermatological condition, determining the best treatment often requires an in-depth evaluation of your skin, medical history and current rosacea management plan. For individuals who experience mild to moderate flare-ups yet have their condition well managed, a dermatologist may recommend adding a prescription cream and facial wash to help support ongoing efforts.

In more serious instances where patients are experiencing near constant redness, laser rejuvenation procedures such as intense pulsed light therapy, photodynamic therapy, or pulsed dye lasers may be recommended. While these procedures offer a similar end goal – decreasing redness and discoloration from the targeted areas – they each offer a different technique for getting there.

Chemical Peels

The chemical peel exfoliates and removes the uppermost layers of skin so that less blemished or damaged skin emerges. The process also triggers collagen production and skin cell renewal. It’s critical to follow a chemical peel for rosacea with the treatment regimen carefully prescribed by your doctor. Dr. Dononfrio will customize the chemical peel’s intensity to your skin’s sensitivity. The TCA peel is the most intense, and flaking can follow any chemical peel.

IPL PhotoFacial

The IPL photofacial sends high-energy light waves to the pigmentation and blood vessels causing rosacea, destroying them. These are replaced by healthy new skin cells that help create a more even skin tone. As with the chemical peels, Dr. Donofrio customizes your IPL photofacial so that it achieves the best outcome without damaging your skin.

You’ll discuss your options with her at your consultation.

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You shouldn’t have to manage your rosacea alone. In Madison, Dr. Donofrio is a valuable resource in your journey to a healthful life with rosacea. She has treated rosacea patients of all ages, ethnicities, and complications. To explore your treatment options and create a maintenance plan that works for you, call 203-421-6674 today and schedule your consultation. We look forward to meeting you!