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Everything You Need to Know about Radiesse®

With so many injectable cosmetic treatment options out there, choosing the right dermal filler can quickly become an overwhelming process. If you’re looking for a dermal filler that offers long term results, consider Radiesse®® as your go-to treatment. Here’s what you need to know about this dermal filler option.

What is Radiesse®®?

Aging and the environment take a toll on skin, in particular, the ability to generate sufficient collagen and elastin. As these processes slow, damage from the external stressors and the effects of aging cause fine lines and deep wrinkles to appear above muscles that are frequently used across the face and hands. To effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it is critical that treatments include some form of collagen stimulation to help support diminished production.

Radiesse®® is a unique dermal filler that uses calcium-based microspheres to add immediate volume to the skin by creating a support system that lifts the skin. In the weeks and months following injection, these microspheres also help stimulate collagen production, improving the overall appearance of skin well into the future.

Radiesse®® Versus the Competition

Not all dermal fillers are alike. Many of the leading brands rely on a hyaluronic base to help fill in fine lines and developing creases. In contrast, the unique use of microspheres in the Radiesse® formula offers specific advantages patients would be unable to attain with other popular dermal filler options. These benefits include:

Treatment Longevity

While other dermal fillers may produce immediate results, these results tend to dissipate within several months and require frequent retreatment if patients want to keep their youthful volume. Radiesse®® treatment usually takes up to a week for results to become entirely noticeable, these results last. As Radiesse®® triggers the body’s collagen production process, the filler continues to provide results up to two years after injection.

Diverse Application

For many patients, dermal fillers as a common treatment are often thought of as just wrinkle treatment options. Radiesse®® is much more than an anti-aging solution. In addition to adding volume to the nasolabial folds and marionette lines, the injectable has successfully been used to add volume to the chin, lips, and hands. For patients who’ve lost volume in their face but don’t necessarily have wrinkles, Radiesse® can be an excellent way of softening harsh or angled features.

What to Expect During Your Radiesse®® Appointment

As Radiesse® is non-surgical and non-invasive, treatment is a quick and easy process. Once our dermatologist has identified the best placement of the filler, Radiesse® is applied with lidocaine to ensure a comfortable treatment experience. Overall injection usually takes about 30 minutes, and patients are typically able to return to their daily routine right after the treatment. Best of all, the immediate results will continue to improve the weeks and months that follow treatment.

Ready? Schedule Your Radiesse® Consultation Today!

With Radiesse®, you can restore and enjoy a more youthful appearance in just one simple treatment session. To learn more about the long-term dermal filler, contact Dr. Donofrio and her team to schedule a consultation.