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PRP Therapy: Is This Hair Loss Treatment Right for You?

thicker hair with PRP treatments

thicker hair with PRP treatments

Over the years, PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy has become an in-demand addition to a plethora of beauty procedures. But did you know that this innovative treatment can also be used to improve thinning hair and hair loss?

PRP: From Physical Therapy to Hair

Platelet-rich plasma therapy was originally developed by physicians to help accelerate the healing process for athletes following acute sports injuries or after surgery. Over the years, the technique has expanded beyond just physical therapy and post-surgical recovery into the realm of cosmetic care. Many state-of-the-art plastic surgery or cosmetic specialty clinics use the healing properties of PRP therapy to help patients recover faster and with fewer complications. Some of the cosmetic treatments PRP has been paired with include more intensive forms of facial rejuvenation and laser cosmetic treatment.

The success of PRP Therapy can be boiled down to the serum used. As its name implies, PRP is made up of human platelets – the patients’ to be specific. Compared to normal blood cells, platelets help facilitate blood clotting and contain unique proteins that help with the body’s natural recovery process. During PRP Therapy, a blood sample is taken from the patients and placed in a centrifuge to separate the platelets. This creates an injectable containing an ultra-high concentration of the healing platelets, which can then be injected into the treatment area.

How PRP Helps with Hair Loss

For people experiencing premature balding or hair loss, the journey to a fuller head of hair is quite the challenge. Even with all the innovations in technology available in cosmetic care, options that help stimulate hair regrowth have been limited. Often, individuals facing these challenges are given two options – topical or oral treatment, either as a cream or pill; or hair transplantation. While topical solutions or pills can help regrow a person’s natural hair, patients must be prepared to maintain treatment permanently. In contrast, while more invasive hair transplantation options like micro-grafting or punch grafting offer longer-lasting results, the placement process is lengthy and invasive. Where these procedures miss the mark, PRP therapy shines.

Like other applications of PRP treatment, therapy for hair loss involves taking a blood sample from the patient and refining it down to separate out the platelets. The final injection product has been developed is then administered across the treatment area at intervals of half an inch or so. Once the platelet serum has been injected, the growth factors begin to stimulate collagen production, a key component to hair growth. The result is healthy, natural hair that can last for years.

The advantages of PRP treatment are seemingly endless. For starters, as the entire procedure is minimally invasive and uses a person’s own platelets, almost any patient is eligible to use PRP therapy for hair loss. Best results usually occur when the person starts PRP injections early into their hair loss and on patients showing signs of androgenic alopecia – where the hair starts to thin at the top of the head. Ultimately, the treatment gives patients the chance to restore their appearance and self-confidence, without having to worry about visible hair plugs or continued treatments.

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