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3 Reasons to Keep Your Chemical Peels to the Shady Fall Season

After a long summer spent outside, resetting facial skin is often a high priority item for our patients. Of the available facial rejuvenation treatment options, chemical peels are among the most popular and widely requested. While it might seem like a great option to pursue between trips or excursions, there’s a few reasons to consider waiting until after summer is over before starting facial rejuvenation with chemical peels. 

More time for uninterrupted treatment 

Not all patients have the same chemical peel experience. Depending on the condition of their skin and long-term objectives, it can take multiple sessions spaced about a month apart in order to reach the desired results. For many, the summer months are jam-packed. Kids are out of school, vacations have been long planned, and spontaneous gatherings or short getaways can quickly fill up a calendar and make it difficult to schedule cosmetic treatments – even minimally invasive ones. Waiting until after Labor Day to plan your first chemical peel can help prevent double booking and ensure you have plenty of time to schedule any necessary follow-up procedures. 

Less sun means better recovery

One of the reasons behind the popularity of chemical peels is how personalized treatment can be. Different blemishes, wrinkles and scars respond best to different types of chemical peels, each of which vary in intensity. The high degree of personalization and variation in intensity can also require different recovery times. Similar to planning for multiple treatment sessions, patients need to be able to recover in peace – a task that can be difficult when you’re running off to your next vacation. 

Regardless of the type of chemical peel you get, post-treatment skin is very sensitive and vulnerable to damage. Successful recovery also requires that patients avoid spending too much time outside in the sun.  Cooling temperatures and rainy weather means patients are more likely to stay inside, making fall the perfect time to undergo chemical peel.  

Great preparation for winter months

While glowing golden skin may be a trademark of summer, your tan may not show the sun damage you’ve been exposed to on sunny days. As the temperature changes and the air loses its moisture, skin begins to dry out, making dead skin cells and fine lines more noticeable. For those of us who are or have started showing signs of aging, this change in skin texture can accentuate the look of getting older. 

Starting the fall with fresh, rejuvenated skin is a great way to keep skin (and you!) looking younger. During the procedure, the dead, dying and damaged skin cells from the upper layers of your skin are removed to reveal healthy new skin below. As your skin heals, blemishes and scarring appear less noticeable, leaving you with great looking skin that’s ready for the winter.

Schedule Your Chemical Peel at Aria DermSpa

Fall might be a few months away, but its never too early to start planning ahead for beautiful skin. At Aria DermSpa, we pride ourselves on helping patients create long-term strategies that protect and enhance their skin’s health and appearance. Discover the benefits of post-summer facial rejuvenation by scheduling your cosmetic chemical peel consultation today!

Keep Your Skin Care Simple with a Chemical Peel

Keeping your skin healthy and glowing can take time beyond just washing, moisturizing and exfoliating at home. As we age, having a regular professional treatment can make a noticeable difference in the appearance and wellbeing of your dermis, ultimately keeping you looking younger. While there are several skin rejuvenation options to choose from, one that we like to recommend is a chemical peel. Designed specifically for your unique skin needs, a chemical peel is a tried and true solution for keeping skin vibrant and healthy year-round.

Why Chemical Peels?

First and foremost, chemical peels are supported by decades of science and success. Every year, new techniques and treatments emerge as the next “world’s best kept anti-aging secret.” While many of these innovations are certainly promising, few have the same clout as chemical peels. Over the years, innovations in the types of chemicals used within the procedure have made it possible to further personalize treatments and maximize results.

Another important advantage of this classic skin care treatment? Chemical peels have been successfully used in treating a myriad of topical skin conditions without needing in-depth treatment. Acne scarring, melasma, sun damage, fine lines and other signs of aging have all been successfully treated with single chemical peel treatments. When completed on a routine schedule, regular chemical peels help keep the signs of aging at bay for patients of all ages.

Furthermore, the benefits of chemical peels appeal to both male and female patients who are interested in rejuvenating their skin. For men already facing the taboo of cosmetic dermatology, chemical peels are an easy upkeep solution that leaves no dramatic changes other than great skin. For younger patients, chemical peels are an excellent method of proactively approaching inevitable aging.

Invest in Your Skin

Don’t have time to return frequently for expensive follow-up sessions? With chemical peels, you don’t have to sacrifice beautiful skin for cost or time. Rather, the treatment effectively addresses fine lines, pigmentation, scarring and more, all without the high costs or return visits. Furthermore, the long-lasting results of a chemical peel make it a worthwhile long-term investment for many individuals looking to simplify their skin care routine.

Chemical Peels and Your Skin Routine

When it comes to integrating regular chemical peels into your schedule, we understand there’s a lot to consider. At Aria Dermspa, all consultations start with meeting Dr. Donofrio one on one to discuss your concerns about the treatment, find the right chemical peel that fits your needs and goals, and create a long-term strategy that maintains healthy, beautiful and even skin tone. As one of the area’s leading dermatology clinics, Aria Dermspa has helped countless patients achieve and maintain their ideal skin long after the initial treatment. By working with you to help create the right follow-up regimen and schedule follow-up peels, our team is here to help you enjoy long-lasting results.

Ready to Schedule Your Next Chemical Peel? Call Us!

At Aria Dermspa of Madison, CT, our goal is simple – provide all patients with the high-quality care they deserve. To learn more about chemical peels or to schedule your appointment, call 203-421-6674 today to get started.