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Our Non-Surgical Secrets to a Sleeker Body Contour

Everyone has areas of their bodies they wish were slimmer, trimmer, and leaner. Traditionally, improving body contours included surgical procedures to remove excess skin and fat but this is no longer your only option. Advances in cosmetic medicine have made it easier to get the body shape and defined features you want, without invasive surgical procedures.

Below, we detail some of our favorite methods for flatter stomachs, sleek upper arms, and smooth skin – none of which require extensive treatment or downtime.

Non-Surgical Options Offered at Aria

From laser technology to tissue heating and freezing, Aria DermSpa offers some of the most advanced methods of shaping your physique. Recommended treatment is based on your goals and expectations, so we can help you love the way you look. While some of the treatments below have plenty of marketing buzz, others may be little-known brands and procedures that can help you achieve fantastic results.


Technology to target stubborn fat is one of the most popular kinds of treatments patients look for. Who doesn’t want a flatter stomach or smoother thighs? With CoolSculpting, gel pads are applied to the areas where fat accumulation has not diminished with exercise. Intense and targeted cooling causes fat to crystallize and die off, so it can be metabolized and removed by the body.  About 25% of the fat in the treatment area is eliminated in this process, making CoolSculpting perfect for patients who are close to their body goals but need a little bit of help to spot-treat specific areas.


When you have lax skin caused by the natural aging process, or even from weight loss, the shape of your body can appear soft and poorly defined. For patients with these issues, we provide ThermiTight – a skin tightening treatment that helps to firm tissue in the targeted areas. While many patients choose ThermiTight for the face, to provide youthful skin texture, this tool can be used on the body as well, such as the thighs and stomach. This procedure is considered non-surgical, but a very small probe is inserted at the treatment site to deliver radio energy that creates firmer skin effectively.

For additional skin firming in the face, Dr. Donofrio can recommend Kybella® – an injectable that eliminates the appearance of a double chin and provides you with a defined facial profile.

Futura Fit

Future Fit may be even better than a trip to the gym for patients interested in spot-treating areas of the body where they wish to have less fat and improved muscle tone. Ultrasound technology is applied via a topical applicator to break up fat cells in the problem areas. Similar to other non-surgical fat reduction processes, the body metabolizes these treated cells, so your body shape looks leaner. As an added benefit, the Futura Fit technology stimulates muscles, replicating what they would experience if you have completed resistance-training as a part of a workout.


If you struggle with dimpled skin due to cellulite, you know the frustration of putting on a pair of form-fitting jeans or shorts and not seeing the smooth skin you want. Cellulite can be a stumbling block for many in their pursuit of improved body shape, but ZWavePro helps to relieve the tension of the tight bands below the skin that create the appearance of cellulite. The radio energy created during treatment improves collagen production, which helps to plump and smooth skin.

Z Wave Pro is often used after Coolsculpting to help patients see improved results, both regarding fat loss and skin texture. Many doctors recommend the use of Z Wave Pro after fat freezing, in place of the manual massage. The technology of this machine helps to improve fat loss results, blood circulation, and skin texture.

Learn More about Non-Surgical Fat Loss and Skin Tightening

The key to improved skin tone and body shape doesn’t have to be a secret when you visit Aria DermSpa. We provide plenty of non-surgical ways to meet your body goals, whether you’re concerned about a double chin, sagging upper arms, or a less-than-lean stomach. For more information about what our cosmetic professionals can do to help reduce fat and improve tone in your most problematic areas, contact us today for a consultation!