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Take Pride in your Silhouette: Kybella® at Aria DermSpa in New Haven County


People can’t stop talking about Kybella®! And for good reason. It’s a safe and effective “double chin” fat reducer that can improve the appearance of your silhouette in only a few short sessions.

The fat build up beneath your chin is called submental fullness, but is more commonly referred to as “double chin.” Due to the location of the fat, it can feel as if diet and exercise are getting you nowhere, as results are slow to appear. While there’s no substitute for a healthy lifestyle, Kybella® can complement your regimen to help eliminate submental fat and improve the definition of your chin and jawline.

Kybella® injections in Madison are made up of deoxycholic acid, a substance naturally found in the body that aids in the breakdown of fat cells. The formula is designed to precisely target fat in smaller areas of the body, making the area beneath the chin the ideal area for treatment. Kybella® is non-surgical, and results appear over the course of one to two months for more natural-looking, gradual fat loss.

And if you decide Kybella® isn’t the right fit for you, Dr. Donofrio has myriad other options for reducing fat and enhancing your natural beauty.

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Be Proud of your Hair! PRP for Hair Loss in Madison, CT

Let’s get one thing straight, there’s nothing wrong with losing your hair. Absolutely nothing at all. However, for many, hair is a source of pride and confidence, so the process of balding can be stressful and frustrating. That’s where we come in. PRP Hair Restoration treatments in Madison can stop baldness in its tracks—and even regrow your hair.

We use a highly effective technique known as Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP) therapy to regrow hair. PRP is a substance that occurs naturally in the blood. It contains a large concentration of platelets (hence its name), as well as other essential proteins and growth factors, which have a restorative effect on cells in your body. PRP therapy actually rejuvenates your hair follicles on a cellular level, restoring them to working order so hair can grow naturally, the way it was meant to. In fact, several studies have shown that PRP treatments can increase hair counts and hair thickness for a fuller and more luscious head of hair.

There’s no hair plugs, no surgery, and no downtime.

A number of factors that can lead to hair loss in both men and women, including heredity, medical conditions, and hormonal imbalances, but with the help of Aria DermSpa, none of them have to hold you back from being your most confident self.

Be proud of your hair, call 203.421.6674 to schedule a PRP hair restoration consultation in Madison today!

Dr. Lisa Donofrio has been Named President of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery!

We are so proud to announce that our very own Dr. Lisa Donofrio has been inaugurated as the newest President of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery!

The ASDS is the largest dermatologic specialty organization in the United States, and supports a network of over 6,000 active members. Their tireless work has helped create and enhance dermatological techniques and devices that have made it easier for countless medical practitioners to provide proper care for their patients. Not only that, they are also committed to raising skin cancer awareness and offer free public educational resources to anyone who wants to learn more about keeping their skin healthy and radiant.

As President, Dr. Donofrio will continue the ASDS’s long tradition of facilitating scientific progress and medical breakthroughs. But don’t worry, her new position doesn’t mean she’s going anywhere! Our favorite dermatologist will still be in our office helping her Madison patients achieve their most beautiful selves!

To meet Dr. Donofrio, or learn more about what we do at Aria DermSpa, call 203.421.6674 today and schedule an appointment!

Don’t Be Bare, Regrow Your Hair! PRP Hair Restoration in Madison, CT

People lose their hair for all sorts of reasons, including hormonal changes, medical conditions, or as a side affect of certain medications, though the most common factor by far is simple heredity. If one of your parents suffered from hair loss there’s a good chance you will too. It’s unfortunate but true. However, we have good news! Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, you have an opportunity that was never afforded to your parents. A chance to regrow your hair!

With PRP Hair Restoration at Aria, you can begin to regrow a full, luscious head of hair in only a few months. Using PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, to fight hair loss is a safe and easy process. It’s a substance that occurs naturally in the blood, and it contains an array of essential proteins that can restore functionality to tissue cells in various areas of the body, including the scalp. As a result, PRP actually rejuvenates your follicles on the cellular level, allowing them to be restored to their former glory.

A single session takes anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes to complete, though multiple sessions are recommended for optimal results. The treatment is effective for both men and women, and requires little to no downtime, so you will not need to miss work and your regular daily activities will not be interrupted.

Don’t wait, call 203.421.6674 and schedule your consultation in Madison today!

Revolutionary New Treatments: PRP Treatments at Aria DermSpa Dermatology and Aesthetic Center in Madison, CT

The latest innovation in cosmetic treatments is here in Madison, CT! Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is a revolutionary rejuvenation technique that has doctors and patients alike singing its praises. PRP is blood plasma that has been extracted from your own body and isolated with a centrifuge. It contains several growth factors that can stimulate the rejuvenation of the soft tissues. It can be used on numerous areas of the body, and its no-downtime approach makes it a perfect option for those with busy schedules.

At Aria DermSpa Dermatology and Aesthetic Center, we offer two different PRP treatments: PRP facial rejuvenation, and PRP hair restoration.

PRP facial rejuvenation allows patients to achieve a youthful, vibrant look without the need for surgery. While traditional facelift procedures involve incisions, scarring, and extended recovery periods, PRP facial rejuvenation requires only an hour of your time and a few simple injections. The treatment eliminates fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen, the naturally-occurring substance that keeps your skin smooth and bright. Results appear gradually, and after a few months your face will look and feel refreshed!

We also offer PRP hair restoration to any Madison area patient who may be struggling with balding or thinning hair. The loss of hair can be caused by a variety of factors, including heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions, and as a side effect of certain medications. However, with PRP hair restoration we can stimulate your follicles’ natural growth for a thick, full head of hair.

Experience this revolutionary treatment today! Call 203.421.6674 to schedule your consultation.

Leg Work: Sclerotherapy in Madison, CT at Aria DermSpa

As fashion starts favoring shorter skirts, dresses, and shorts, your legs should be celebrated as part of the season’s new looks. Varicose veins and spider veins are often an unpleasant reaction to faulty vein valves, and can occur in the body at any age. These veins don’t have to be a part of your beautiful reality and can be treated with sclerotherapy at Aria DermSpa!


Sclerotherapy in Madison, CT treats varicose and spider veins, and is often considered the best option for small varicose veins and for relieving the aching, swelling, leg cramps, and burning that often accompanies the condition.


After the treatment, the vein eventually collapses and is reabsorbed into local tissue, fading into flawless looking legs. Sclerotherapy may take three weeks until results are noticeable, but there is minimal downtime associated with this treatment. Patients can return to their normal activity soon after their session. Go ahead, show off your legs again!


Contact Aria DermSpa today at 203.421.6674 to schedule your Sclerotherapy consultation!

Welcome to the Team: Introducing Our Newest Staff Member, Kimberly Cornell, APRN

All of us at Aria DermSpa come to work every day devoted to helping our clients feel beautiful and confident by helping them attain their healthiest skin. We are proud to announce the addition of a new, dedicated team member that will bring the same passion for medical dermatology and patient care to our Madison location day in and day out!

Kimberly Cornell is a licensed Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) with years of experience working within hospitals and with volunteer medical organizations in countries like Haiti and parts of Africa. Kim has a bright personality that matches the Aria DermSpa team perfectly, and we know that all of our current and future patients will be ecstatic at her level of expertise in addition to her shining smile.

Kimberly is familiar with southern Connecticut, having earned both her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from nearby Southern Connecticut State University followed by working for four years at Yale New Haven’s Children’s Hospital. Kimberly’s experiences have been varied among numerous different responsibilities, which we know adds to the depth of knowledge she can and will provide to our local Aria patients!

The Aria DermSpa team is excited to add another experienced, talented, and devoted member to our staff. We know that Kimberly is a perfect fit for our team, and bring a new and unique perspective to the outstanding treatment and care we provide on a daily basis. Learn more about Kimberly, the rest of our staff, or our facility any time and see how Aria DermSpa can help you look and feel your very best this year!

For more information on our newest staff member, call 203.421.6674 for a free consultation today!