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Under Eye Fillers: Potential Problems Patients Should Be Aware Of

For many, dermal fillers have become an incredibly valuable treatment option for tackling the signs of aging. The treatment is highly tailored to each person, making it perfect for restoring lost volume without risking the look of overt cosmetic treatment.

One of the most popular applications of dermal fillers is below the eyes. As we age, fat cells begin to diminish in this part of the face, causing dark circles to appear below the eyes and making patients look older than they truly are. However, just because the treatment is non-surgical, there are still some risks involved with the procedure.

If you’re considering under-eye fillers, here’s what you need to know.

Not all specialists are experienced

As dermal fillers require no surgery, many patients feel that undergoing this treatment is less serious than more aggressive facial rejuvenations. In truth, the skin around the eyes and tear trough is among the most sensitive parts of the body. Successful under eye filler treatment therefore requires a specialist with extensive anatomical knowledge and an eye for detail in order to provide patients with natural looking results. Without this important background in technical skill, patients can be at serious risk for a number of complications including:

Incorrect filler being used

Fillers made from hyaluronic acid (HA) are considered among the safest on the market, in part because the formula is derived from a naturally occurring substance and can be dissolved as needed.

However, innovation in HA filler types over recent years has seen the development of different HA formulas, each of which are designed to address diminished volume in different parts of the face. For the delicate under eye skin, the formula is much thinner and smoother than the kind used to lift sagging cheeks. Using the wrong formula can create an overdone appearance and can be challenging to immediately reverse.

Improper application

While the bags beneath your eyes may seem endless, the area is anatomically much smaller than any other part of the body that would be potentially treated with dermal fillers. As such, technical knowledge of the muscles, skin and bone below the eye are critical for any experienced cosmetic specialist. When dermal fillers are applied in the wrong position, patients can be left with lumpy, uneven and unflattering results.

Too much filler can also be an unfortunate complication associated with inexperienced physicians. As the skin in this part of the face is so thin, it can be easy to over-inject the gel and create a lumpy, bulging looking undereye treatment. Going slow and planning for gradual application is often the best way of achieving a look that appears more natural rather than over volumized.

Under-eye fillers may not provide the complete solution

Collagen depletion doesn’t just affect one part of the face – usually, the entire face will experience volume loss as production slows. While adding fillers strategically below the eyes can help improve an individual’s overall appearance, it can appear mismatched if the surrounding cheeks and skin are left sagging.

Likewise, too much skin laxity can be difficult to successfully address with dermal fillers alone. For some patients who’ve already shown signs of aging, combination treatments that leverage dermal fillers as well as injectables like BOTOX® and even minor plastic surgeries may provide better, longer lasting results.

During your consultation, an experienced cosmetic dermatologist will apply a holistic eye to treatment plan development to ensure that the result lifts your overall look, not just your eyes. For example, at Aria DermSpa patients meet one-on-one with board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Donofrio to discuss their concerns and identify short- and long-term solutions that stall the aging process. By offering the latest anti-aging and facial rejuvenation options, our Madison cosmetic specialist is able to transform appearances and self-confidence.

Find the best solution at Aria DermSpa

Whether you’re set on under eye fillers or are exploring your options, Dr. Donofrio is committed to helping all patients identify the best treatment for their appearance. To learn more about available treatment options, call our office at (203) 421-6674 and schedule your consultation today!


BOTOX® vs. Dermal Fillers: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to rejuvenating your appearance, innovations in modern cosmetic care have made it
easy for men and women to look younger and feel more confident without having to turn to cosmetic
surgery. Of the available non-surgical options, BOTOX® and dermal fillers remain among the most popular
solutions and have helped countless patients recreate their more useful appearance.
However, choosing the right solution can be a challenge. If you’re weighing your options between BOTOX®
and dermal injectables, here’s what you need to know.

What’s the difference?

While BOTOX® and dermal fillers both aim to help patients look younger, each offer very different methods
to address the signs of aging.

As a neurotoxin-based treatment, BOTOX® is uniquely able to block nerve receptors in targeted muscles.
This allows the treatment to temporarily stop wrinkles from developing and deepening, ultimately
smoothing out these unwanted lines. In contrast, dermal fillers use injected gel-like substance to create
volume in areas where slowing collagen production and damage has diminished an individual’s full,
youthful appearance. This volume-enhancing injection can be made from a variety of substances,
although some of the more popular and best known options are developed from hyaluronic acid – a
naturally occurring substance in skin.

The difference in formula also translates into a difference in results. Whereas BOTOX® looks to smooth
wrinkles and fine lines by restricting muscle movement, dermal fillers add volume to sinking facial

If you have…

Aging affects each individual differently. While some may see fine lines and wrinkles are causing them to look older than their years, others may see aging as sagging cheeks and thinning lips. During your consultation, Madison, CT dermatologist will evaluate your appearance to identify how aging is affecting your appearance and will then make a recommendation for the right cosmetic treatment. Which treatment you’ll be recommended depends on your primary concern.

Diminishing facial volume

Diminishing collagen production is a natural part of getting older but can significantly transform an individual’s appearance. Areas like the lips and cheeks are especially vulnerable to this common sign of aging. For these patients, dermal fillers can be an effective treatment solution by adding much needed volume without appearing cartoonish. Over the years, many of the leading brands like Juvéderm® and Restylane® have developed a full suite of dermal filler options, each tailored to meet the varying needs of different facial features. As a result, patients also have more choice in their desired formula and application options.

Crows’ feet or lines between the eyebrows

While wrinkles may start out barely perceptible, they can quickly deepen to become a dominating facial feature. Common ones like crows’ feet and “elevens” (lines between the eyebrows) typically develop as a result of continued muscle movement, which combined with diminishing collagen production causes these lines to deepen into creases.

In these instances, temporarily freezing muscle movement with BOTOX® is the best way to prevent these wrinkles from worsening. As the injections last anywhere from three to six months, the results are not permanent, allowing patients to gradually adjust injections sites in a way that slows wrinkle development without risking the frozen appearance.

Combination of Wrinkles and Thinning Facial Features

For some, the signs of aging can appear almost simultaneously. For these individuals, it can be almost impossible to prioritize one concern over another. At Aria DermSpa, our experienced dermatologist may recommend combination treatment for a fully rejuvenated yet natural looking appearance. In this scenario, wrinkles caused by repetitive muscle movement may be initially treated with BOTOX® or a similar neurotoxin treatment. Follow-up treatment with dermal fillers is then completed to add volume to areas like the cheeks, below the eyes and the lips.

Ready? Schedule your consultation today!

With options like dermal fillers and BOTOX®, it’s never been easier for patients to rejuvenate their appearance. At Aria DermSpa, our team is committed to helping all individuals regain lost confidence in their looks through tailored cosmetic treatments. To learn more about the advantages that come with anti-aging treatments like BOTOX® and dermal fillers, call (203) 421-6674 today and schedule your consultation with our specialist today!