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Achieve your best Silhouette: InstaLift in Madison, CT

Everyone wants to look younger, but who has the time and energy for an invasive surgery? Facelifts are still one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures available, though for many patients, the strenuous procedure can be an awfully large undertaking. It often requires a lengthy recovery period, which means time off work and away from family. Luckily, Dr. Lisa Donofrio and her team at Aria DermSpa have an answer!

Rather than a traditional facelift, you should try Silhouette InstaLift! It’s a minimally invasive cosmetic technique that lifts the contours of your face for a more youthful, taut appearance. Dr. Donofrio performs the procedure using a suture specially designed with bidirectional cones to reposition and elevate your skin. And the best part? The whole procedure can be performed in the comfort of our Madison, CT office in only about 20 minutes.

InstaLift can dramatically improve the appearance of signs of aging like sagging skin, drooping cheeks, and deep lines on the neck, jowls, and face. Your results will be apparent immediately following your session, and they can last more than 18 months!

Now is the time to achieve your best silhouette! Have questions? Our brilliant dermatological team are here to help! Just give us a quick call at 203.421.6674 and schedule your consultation today!

The 30-Minute Facelift Alternative Is Here! New Haven County, CT

If there was a treatment that could take years off your appearance without surgery or lengthy downtime, would you consider it? Turns out, there’s a bunch of them! From BOTOX® to skin resurfacing treatments, we offer a leading selection of anti-aging treatments at Aria DermSpa. One of our most recent additions is Silhouette InstaLift™, a non-surgical alternative to facelifts. InstaLift can smooth away lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate your face and neck contours in about as much time as it takes to watch your favorite TV show.

FDA-approved InstaLift truly lives up to its name, providing almost instant benefits. After we insert dissolvable sutures under your skin, called “cones,” you’ll start noticing an uplift and tightening to the contours of your face within about 30 minutes. Because these cones stimulate new collagen growth, you’ll enjoy continued improvement for months.

For such a small time-investment, InstaLift can accomplish quite a lot, diminishing smile lines around the mouth, smoothing wrinkles on the neck, and reducing jowls along the jawline for up to two years per treatment.

to be uplifted this summer? To schedule your InstaLift consultation, call us at 203.421.6674 or fill out our contact form today.

Give Your Face A Lift—Without Surgery! Silhouette InstaLift in New Haven County at Aria DermSpa

We all love to smile. What we’re not so keen about are the pesky byproducts of happiness—namely, smile lines! While lines and wrinkles may be a natural consequence of living a fun-filled and fabulous life on the CT shoreline, don’t think you’re stuck with them. At Aria DermSpa, it’s easier than ever to smooth away lines and perk up the contours of your face without invasive surgery or downtime. We’re excited to introduce Silhouette InstaLift™, a non-invasive, long lasting facelift alternative. This FDA-approved treatment can minimize smile lines around the mouth, smooth lines on the neck, and reduce jowls along the jawline for up to two years!

InstaLift’s ability to defy age may seem like magic, but it’s not; it simply activates your skin’s natural ability to renew itself from deep within. We insert “cones” made of the same substance as dissolvable sutures into the areas requiring attention. “Cones” may sound strange, but really they’re just knots that lift the tissues deep within the skin to tighten and smooth away lines and wrinkles. InstaLift also boosts collagen production, literally creating new skin under the surface for a more youthful appearance!

What we love most about InstaLift is how convenient and easy treatments are. InstaLift can be performed in our offices at Aria DermSpa in Madison, or at The Savin Center in New Haven in about 20 minutes.

If you’re not ready for a surgical face or neck lift, InstaLift is the perfect option for rejuvenating your appearance in a jiffy without surgical risks or downtime. To learn more, schedule your consultation today by calling us at 203.421.6674.

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