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Liposuction at Aria DermSpa Dermatology & Aesthetic Center in Madison, CT

Fall is here in full force, and you know what that means—it’s holiday party season! The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is ripe with celebratory soirées, and Aria DermSpa wants to help you present your most beautiful self.

One of our favorite procedures for patients with demanding schedules and minimal time for intense diet and exercise is liposuction. While this treatment does not replace a healthy lifestyle, it can compliment one nicely for dramatic, thinning results.

Liposuction in Madison, CT removes unwanted fat with minimally invasive techniques. During the procedure, fat is isolated and then sucked away for slimming results. This procedure is perfect for those who are looking to slim down without going through a strenuous and time consuming surgery and recovery period. In fact with liposuction, most patients are back to their normal daily activities within the span of a few days.

Now is the perfect time to act. Call 203.421.6674 to learn more, or schedule your consultation in Madison today!

Overly Endowed? Breast Liposuction at Aria DermSpa Can Help!

Do you feel like your breasts are holding you back? You’re not alone. There are women all across the country that are dissatisfied with their over endowment. They suffer from back, neck, and shoulder pain, have trouble participating in sports, and are unable to wear the clothes they desire due to their breasts. If this sounds like you, we have the perfect solution!

Although breast reduction surgery is always an option, these procedures can be strenuous, and may leave an unsightly scar. With breast liposuction at Aria, treatment is quick and effective, with results being apparent immediately following your session—and the best part? Liposuction requires less downtime than traditional surgery, and leaves only a minor scar hidden in the fold of your breast. That way you can feel confident and beautiful even in a bikini.

Our board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Lisa Donofrio, is world renowned for her liposuction technique and can’t wait to meet you! Call 203.421.6674 and schedule your consultation today!

Keep Your Body Cool this Summer: CoolSculpting and Liposuction in Madison, CT at Aria DermSpa

Summer is a time for sensual skin in the sun! But after a long winter, many of us might not feel comfortable with those extra inches on our body that have accumulated during the colder months. At Aria DermSpa, we offer CoolSculpting® and liposuction to remove those inches, lift your spirits, and help you to feel more confident this summer.
FDA-cleared CoolSculpting in Madison, CT allows your body to naturally eliminate fat without damaging surrounding skin or muscle. It targets and freezes the fat cells under the skin and requires no downtime. This revolutionary procedure removes 20-30 percent of fat cells from diet and exercise resistant areas of the body—abdomen, back, arms, thighs, “love handles”, “muffin top”, or “belly bulge”. Within just a few months you can enjoy a slimmer summer body!
For areas of the body with a higher concentration of fat, liposuction is a procedure that targets and sucks away fat with a vacuum for a slimmer figure. The results can be permanent if maintained with proper exercise and diet. For most patients, downtime only lasts a few days so you can hit the beach with your new body just as quickly as the procedure was performed!

Contact Aria DermSpa today at 203.421.6674 to schedule your CoolSculpting or liposuction consultation!

Enhance Your Body Contouring Results: ZWavePro in Madison, CT at Aria DermSpa

Aria DermSpa offers a variety of body contouring treatments including CoolSculpting®LiposuctionProLipo™ Laser LiposuctionFutura® Pro, and more to reduce stubborn, unwanted body fat. But what about sagging skin, cellulite, and stretch marks? ZWave Pro at Aria DermSpa can treat these concerns, helping to get you one step closer to your desired body.

ZWavePro can treat sagging skin, cellulite, and stretch marks in Madison on its own or in combination with other body contouring treatments offered at Aria DermSpa. ZWavePro can be used on the upper arms, abdomen, and thighs to reduce the appearance of mild to moderate cellulite, as well as stretch marks and loose skin caused by weight loss or pregnancy.

As a non-invasive skin tightening treatment, ZWavePro increases collagen and elastin production for firmer skin along with a stronger skin structure with no pain or downtime. Use ZWavePro treatments alone or paired with body contouring treatments for enhanced results.

 Call to schedule your ZWavePro consultation with Aria DermSpa in Madison, CT at 203.421.6674.

Achieve a Slimmer Silhouette: Liposuction in Madison, CT at Aria DermSpa Dermatology and Aesthetic Center

Eating well and exercising is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But what if this healthy lifestyle isn’t giving you the fat loss you’re looking for? Liposuction at Aria DermSpa Dermatology and Aesthetic Center can reduce diet and exercise resistant fat for a slimmer look!

Liposuction in Madison can remove stubborn fat on the muffin top, love handles, flanks, hips, abdomen, thighs and more. Minimally invasive liposuction at Aria DermSpa permanently reduces unwanted fat, resulting in a trimmer figure. Performed by Dr. Lisa Donofrio, who is recognized across the world as the “best of the best” in liposuction, patients will receive top-of-the line care at Aria DermSpa.

While liposuction permanently removes fat in the area treated, it is important to continue with a good diet and regular exercise to maintain results. With a healthy lifestyle, patients can enhance their liposuction results. Achieve a slimmer silhouette with the help of liposuction at Aria DermSpa!

Call 203.421.6674 to schedule your liposuction consultation at Aria DermSpa!

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