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Take Pride in your Silhouette: Kybella® at Aria DermSpa in New Haven County


People can’t stop talking about Kybella®! And for good reason. It’s a safe and effective “double chin” fat reducer that can improve the appearance of your silhouette in only a few short sessions.

The fat build up beneath your chin is called submental fullness, but is more commonly referred to as “double chin.” Due to the location of the fat, it can feel as if diet and exercise are getting you nowhere, as results are slow to appear. While there’s no substitute for a healthy lifestyle, Kybella® can complement your regimen to help eliminate submental fat and improve the definition of your chin and jawline.

Kybella® injections in Madison are made up of deoxycholic acid, a substance naturally found in the body that aids in the breakdown of fat cells. The formula is designed to precisely target fat in smaller areas of the body, making the area beneath the chin the ideal area for treatment. Kybella® is non-surgical, and results appear over the course of one to two months for more natural-looking, gradual fat loss.

And if you decide Kybella® isn’t the right fit for you, Dr. Donofrio has myriad other options for reducing fat and enhancing your natural beauty.

Experience the groundbreaking treatment first hand! 203.421.6674 today to schedule your consultation!

2018 is the Year of You! CoolSculpting® at Aria DermSpa Dermatology & Aesthetics Center in Madison, CT

Congratulations, you did it! You’ve successfully made it through the holiday season. This is no small task. Between the shopping and the parties and the preparations you probably haven’t had a moment to yourself since November. But Aria DermSpa is ready to help you change that. Our collection of top-of-the-line beauty solutions, administered by our team of friendly aesthetic experts, are sure to make 2018 the year of you.

If slimming down before beach season is your New Year’s resolution, we’ve got the perfect treatment for you—CoolSculpting® non-invasive fat reduction. It is a proven technique that requires no needles, no anesthesia, and no downtime. In conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise CoolSculpting can help you shed fat in areas of the body that give a lot of people trouble, such as the belly, thighs, muffin top, love handles, and more.

This quick and easy procedure gently cools fat cells to a freeze. In doing so, the cells shrink so they can be naturally flushed from the body over the course of a few months—achieving a slimmer and trimmer figure just in time for summer.

Goodbye 2017, hello 2018, this is our year! Call 203.421.6674 to schedule your consultation in our Madison office, conveniently located on Wall St. in downtown Madison.

Liposuction at Aria DermSpa Dermatology & Aesthetic Center in Madison, CT

Fall is here in full force, and you know what that means—it’s holiday party season! The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is ripe with celebratory soirées, and Aria DermSpa wants to help you present your most beautiful self.

One of our favorite procedures for patients with demanding schedules and minimal time for intense diet and exercise is liposuction. While this treatment does not replace a healthy lifestyle, it can compliment one nicely for dramatic, thinning results.

Liposuction in Madison, CT removes unwanted fat with minimally invasive techniques. During the procedure, fat is isolated and then sucked away for slimming results. This procedure is perfect for those who are looking to slim down without going through a strenuous and time consuming surgery and recovery period. In fact with liposuction, most patients are back to their normal daily activities within the span of a few days.

Now is the perfect time to act. Call 203.421.6674 to learn more, or schedule your consultation in Madison today!

Overly Endowed? Breast Liposuction at Aria DermSpa Can Help!

Do you feel like your breasts are holding you back? You’re not alone. There are women all across the country that are dissatisfied with their over endowment. They suffer from back, neck, and shoulder pain, have trouble participating in sports, and are unable to wear the clothes they desire due to their breasts. If this sounds like you, we have the perfect solution!

Although breast reduction surgery is always an option, these procedures can be strenuous, and may leave an unsightly scar. With breast liposuction at Aria, treatment is quick and effective, with results being apparent immediately following your session—and the best part? Liposuction requires less downtime than traditional surgery, and leaves only a minor scar hidden in the fold of your breast. That way you can feel confident and beautiful even in a bikini.

Our board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Lisa Donofrio, is world renowned for her liposuction technique and can’t wait to meet you! Call 203.421.6674 and schedule your consultation today!

Tighten Sagging Skin: ZWavePro in New Haven County, CT

Do you feel like your skin has lost it’s youthful elasticity? You’re not alone. Loose and sagging skin is a condition that millions of Americans live with every day. Most often it is caused by weight loss, pregnancy, or simply the process of getting older. Even with proper diet and exercise, some areas of the body have trouble recovering their former contours. Luckily, Aria DermSpa has a solution for sagging skin that can give you the taught and toned appearance you’re searching for!

ZWavePro is a non-invasive treatment that can produce noticeable skin-tightening results in only a few short sessions. Treatment involves a two-step process. First, radial shockwaves are administered to break down cellulite’s connective tissue and reduce the appearance of visible cellulite. Then, ultrasound energy is directed at your problem areas to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin.

Typically, ZWavePro is used to treat sagging skin on the upper arms and beneath the belly. It is commonly used in conjunction with fat reducing treatments like CoolSculpting®Liposuction, or ProLipo™.

Don’t let sagging skin affect your daily life, call 203.421.6674 and schedule a consultation in Madison today!

Join the CoolSculpting Craze and Slim Down this Summer New Haven County, CT

Know what just won best “All-Over Fat Fighter” by NewBeauty magazine? You guessed it—CoolSculpting®! This non-invasive fat reduction treatment continues to take the world by storm, reducing problem areas of fat for millions of happy clients without the hassle of surgery or downtime.

Now that warm weather is here, we can’t think of a better time to turn your attention to your figure. We know how hard you work to eat right and exercise. You live an active life on the shoreline, after all! Rain or shine, we see you outside power-walking, jogging, or cross-fit training. But if you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve still got stubborn areas of fat on your body, which can make bathing suit season a bit stressful. Now that FDA-cleared CoolSculpting has entered the picture, you can take back your confidence and feel better than ever, trimming down excess fat almost anywhere on your body, including the chin, abdomen, belly, thighs, arms, and back.

CoolSculpting works by freezing and disabling targeted fat cells. The process actually feels quite natural because it prompts your body to flush fat cells away gradually over the months following your treatment. This means that you’re left with natural-looking, gradual improvements without scarring or side effects.

Ready to freeze your fat off this summer? To request a consultation, call us today at 203.421.6674 or fill out our contact form.

Love Your Neck Again! ThermiTight Skin Tightening in Madison, CT at Aria DermSpa

As we gear up for spring and move our turtlenecks to the back of the closet in favor of more revealing fashions, it’s prime time to ready your skin for summertime exposure. (And we’re not talking SPF, though that will always be the single-most important thing you can do for your skin’s health!) Warmer weather means it’s time to tighten the skin on your neck so you can feel like a million dollars this summer!

You’ll be able to skip the scarf around your neck after a session or two with ThermiTight® at Aria DermSpa. With almost no downtime, ThermiTight can tone and tighten the delicate skin on your face and neck. This easy treatment delivers thermal energy under the skin to reverse signs of aging without the pain, discomfort, or healing time of surgery.

Our patients love ThermiTight because it offers immediate improvement, with optimal benefits developing gradually over time for a natural, subtle transition to a younger appearance. Results from ThermiTight treatments often last for a year or longer. This means that one treatment may be all it takes for you to enjoy a slimmer profile for the whole summer—and beyond.

There’s no time like the present to turn back the clock on aging. Free yourself from scarves this summer and choose ThermiTight for a tighter, smoother profile! To learn more about this easy treatment, or to schedule your consultation, give us a call today at 203.421.6674 or fill out our convenient online form.

Rock Your Old Jeans Again! Body Contouring in Madison, CT at Aria DermSpa Dermatology and Aesthetic Center

Squeezing into your favorite denim shouldn’t feel like an aerobic activity. And yet as you huff and puff and contort your body with all the gusto you can muster, it resembles a major acrobatic feat to zip up your jeans!

If you can you relate (and who doesn’t?) then keep reading because this is for you! Fact is, you deserve to love every inch of your body, and for many, that means fitting into your favorite jeans. So why wait? Now could be the perfect time to treat yourself to a body-contouring treatment like CoolSculpting® or liposuction at Aria DermSpa!

One of the coolest ways to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat on your body is CoolSculpting, a non-invasive FDA-cleared treatment that literally freezes your fat away. CoolSculpting is an ideal tool for trimming those “problem” areas that seem to resist diet and exercise. We all have them. Some of us carry extra weight in our bellies, for instance, while for others it’s their thighs that drive them crazy. With CoolSculpting, you’ll experience no downtime, and you’ll enjoy your results gradually in the weeks and months following treatment as your body naturally flushes the frozen fat cells from your body.

For more immediate results, liposuction at Aria DermSpa is another trusted fat-trimming tool. This treatment isolates fat cells and suctions them away, producing a more drastic slimming effect than CoolSculpting. Liposuction does involve downtime, a recommended three to five days of rest, though many patients are up and about the next day.

Don your old jeans again and discover which body contouring treatment is right for you by calling us at 203.421.6674.

Chin Up! The Secret to a Sculpted Neck: Kybella® in Madison at Aria DermSpa Dermatology and Aesthetic Center

With Jack Frost nipping at your nose and endless holiday errands at your feet, there’s no time to be seeing double—on your chin, that is! A pesky problem that plagues many of us, the double chin can rob you of the self-confidence you deserve in life. What’s so discouraging about this tricky area is how tough it can be to tame with diet and exercise alone. Thankfully, there’s help! FDA-approved Kybella® in Madison is a fabulous new way to banish unwanted fat under the chin and create the svelte profile you’ve always dreamed of having.

Kybella® is made of the natural fat-busting substance deoxycholic acid, which works in your body to break down fat cells. Kybella® works great for the chin area because it’s most effective on small areas of the body. You wouldn’t use Kybella® to tame your muffin top, for example. CoolSculpting® or liposuction are the go-to treatments for those larger areas.

What’s nice about Kybella® is that it produces gradual, natural-looking results as your body slowly breaks the fat cells down in the months following treatment. Keep in mind that several treatments may be needed to obtain your best results. Board-certified dermatologist and acclaimed cosmetic surgeon Dr. Lisa Donofrio will use her state-of-the-art technique and expertise to ensure your results are nothing short of fabulous.

Tis the season of gifting, so why not give yourself the gift of self-confidence this year with Kybella® at Aria DermSpa? Call today for a consultation at 203.421.6674.

CoolSculpting Featured in Women’s Health! Fat Reduction at Aria DermSpa Dermatology and Aesthetic Center in Madison, CT

CoolSculpting® non-invasive fat reduction has become a phenomenon! It has previously been featured on Keeping up with the Kardashians, and now in W Magazine and Women’s Health Magazine. At Aria DermSpa, we love CoolSculpting and we’re excited to share its incredible results with you!

CoolSculpting safely and effectively eliminates fat in targeted areas like the abdomen, love handles, flanks, back, thighs, and double chin. It works by freezing fat cells so that they shrink, die, and can be naturally removed from the body. Although CoolSculpting will not necessarily help you lose weight, it will provide you with a beautiful, toned contour that you can be proud of!

“Having curves isn’t a bad thing,” says fat reduction expert Jeannel Astarita in the W Magazinearticle. “It’s about creating the best proportions.” We couldn’t agree more, and that’s exactly what CoolSculpting is capable of.

“It’s the gold standard for non-invasive fat reduction right now,” says Aria’s own medical director and world-renowned fat reduction expert, Dr. Lisa Donofrio. “If you want to your clothes to fit better or to take a few inches off your waistline it’s a great option.”

In Madison, CoolSculpting requires no downtime, so patients can immediately return to their regular daily lives. Results can be seen after just one session, though we recommend a series of treatments for optimal results.

To learn more about CoolSculpting at Aria DermSpa, call 203.421.6674 and schedule a consultation today!

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