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Pre-Wedding Treatment Timeline: Which Procedures to Book and When

Spring is fast approaching, and many brides are planning to make their way down the aisle and into a lifetime of wedded bliss. However, wedding planning can be stressful business, especially in the few months leading up to your big day. Between venue selection and invitations, few brides (and grooms) have time to sit and explore the best time for their pre-wedding treatment.

To help our future newlyweds, check out our guide to your pre-wedding treatments, guaranteed to help you reach a no-stress wedding day.

Dermatology Timeline

Nothing can ruin your special day quite like dull skin or an outbreak of stress-related acne. Taking care of your skin with these treatments starting months before your wedding day can remove one stressor off your plate:

12 Months before your wedding

Find a trusted dermatologist who is an expert in the treatments you’re considering. For patients who aren’t sure what they’re looking for other than beautiful skin, shop around and schedule consultations with different specialists who offer a wide range of procedures. What is important is to bring up your primary skin concerns and ask prospective specialists how you can best reach your goals.

Communicating with your dermatologist from the get-go is also extremely important. Being up front about budget, goals, wedding and honeymoon details as well as long-term treatment strategies can ensure you receive the best care possible.

For individuals looking to lose weight or sculpt their figures before their big day, setting realistic goals a year in advance is extremely important. Some body contouring procedures like CoolSculpting and liposuction require that you reach and maintain your goal weight before pursuing treatment, which can then take several months in order to achieve your ideal figure. Scheduling a consultation with a nutritionist or personal trainer now will help you reach important treatment milestones well before your big day.

Nine months before your wedding

If your wedding preparations include deep facial rejuvenation, nine months out is the perfect time to get these started. This is usually when we recommend undergoing chemical peels, microneedling with platelet rich plasma, and other more invasive treatments. Getting them completed this far out ensures your face will be well healed and at the peak of results by the time your special day rolls around.

If body sculpting was in your pre-wedding timeline, nine months out is the perfect time to start looking for an experienced specialist who can complete your desired treatment. Be sure to ask your prospective plastic surgeon about their experience, specialty and recommended treatment plan. As with a dermatologist, communicating upfront about your treatment goals and expectations will help ensure successful treatment.

Six months before your wedding

Looking at laser facial rejuvenation? Now is the perfect time to get these treatments completed before your wedding day. For patients who completed deep skin rejuvenation treatments, six months out can be a great time to complete any follow-up treatment without risking lengthy recovery. If dermal fillers were on your list of enhancements, now is the time to start exploring your options and testing out long-term treatments such as Juvéderm® or BOTOX®.

On the body sculpting side, now is the best time to have treatments completed. For liposuction, six months out should be sufficient time to heal before your big day. If you’re planning on a honeymoon right after the ceremony, you’ll want to be healed well before your blissful trip. For patients considering CoolSculpting, six months out should give you enough time to see the results of your treatment and complete all necessary treatment sessions before walking down the aisle.

Three months before your wedding

At three months to go, any long-term treatments should be on their last session. We recommend avoiding starting any big or invasive treatments to ensure your skin is healed and radiant for any pre-wedding photos. If you had dermal fillers on your list, now is the time to complete those enhancements to ensure they have plenty of time to blend in fully and enhance your features.

By three months, any body contouring procedures should be nearing completion or be in the final touch-up stage. Healing several months before your wedding day ensures that you’re primed for recovery without also having to deal with the inevitable stress of last-minute wedding errands and issues.

One month before your wedding

With just a month left, we recommend visiting your specialist for last minute touch-ups and treatments that enhance your appearance rather than diving into new treatments. During your last pre-wedding session, our specialist will also provide you with skincare recommendations for maintaining your results and avoiding unwanted outbreaks before you have a chance to walk down the aisle.

Plan Ahead with Aria Dermspa

You deserve to feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day. Start your beauty journey with Aria DermSpa by calling (203) 421-6674 today and schedule your consultation with Dr. Donofrio. Together, our team will help you create the ultimate treatment strategy that leaves your feeling your absolute best on your special day. Get started today!


Are Hormones Behind Your Adult Acne?

Doesn’t it seem like pimples have a knack for appearing when they’re least convenient? While unsightly acne may be more closely associated with puberty, adult acne is every bit as prevalent. By some estimates, adult-onset acne affects roughly 50% of women between 20 to 29 and around 25% of women 40 to 49.

Hormones: The Real Culprit

While many may associate acne with improper or ineffective hygiene, evidence suggests that the culprit behind your latest outbreak is internal rather than external.

Hormonal fluctuations are typically associated with adult onset acne. These changes in hormone balance can result from many factors, including menstruation, underlying health conditions, menopause, increased androgen levels, even stress. When these changes in hormone levels occur, they trigger skin inflammation and increase the skin’s production of sebum, an oil that keeps skin hydrated. This influx of unnecessary oil traps bacteria and dead skin cells within pores, creating pimples and blemishes that can be difficult to ignore.

Top Signs Your Acne is Hormonal

While clogged pores can be the result of an intense workout, there are several key signs that can suggest hormones are at fault. These symptoms include:

  • Recurring breakouts that appear in the same place around the same time of the month
  • Breakouts occur during high-stress times
  • The pimples that develop are not small, distinctive whiteheads or blackheads but instead are cysts below the surface that are tender to the touch
  • You’re well past puberty but still getting unsightly blemishes
  • Other members of your family show similar signs of acne

Clear Away Hormonal Acne with These Tips

While hormonal acne affects all patients differently, there are certain steps all patients can take to refresh their appearance and reset their skin. Consider incorporating the following strategies into your routine to help reset your skin and reduce outbreaks.

Start fresh with professional treatments

Hormonal acne can be further exacerbated by unfriendly skin conditions, such as blocked pores and damaged skin cells. Resetting your skin’s health with professional treatments like Dermasweep and chemical peels can help exfoliate away acne-causing dead skin and reveal healthy new skin just below the surface.

Switch up your daily skincare routine

While dirty faces may not be the cause of adult acne, an improper skincare routine may be making your skin more prone to breakouts. Rather than just buying what looks new and promising off of the drugstore’s shelf, invest in skin cleansers, toners, and moisturizers designed for your skin type and environment. If you’re especially prone to pore blockage, try to avoid oily skin care products and switch to noncomedogenic ones and update your skin care routine with changes in the weather. Not sure where to start or which skincare products you should be using? Visiting an experienced dermatologist can ensure your skincare regimen is designed for success and tailored to your needs.

Talk to a Specialist

As hormonal fluctuations can occur in sync with increasing stress at work or monthly menstruation, imbalances can also suggest more serious health problems are at play. If your skin condition continues to worsen or is unresponsive to professional treatment, it may be worth talking to your general practitioner about medications or health issues that are affecting your skin.

Get Started at Aria Dermspa

We know that adult acne can be frustrating to deal with. That’s why our specialist is committed to creating tailored skincare plans that help each patient overcome their blemishes and tackle future outbreaks.

Everything You Need to Know about Radiesse®

With so many injectable cosmetic treatment options out there, choosing the right dermal filler can quickly become an overwhelming process. If you’re looking for a dermal filler that offers long term results, consider Radiesse®® as your go-to treatment. Here’s what you need to know about this dermal filler option.

What is Radiesse®®?

Aging and the environment take a toll on skin, in particular, the ability to generate sufficient collagen and elastin. As these processes slow, damage from the external stressors and the effects of aging cause fine lines and deep wrinkles to appear above muscles that are frequently used across the face and hands. To effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it is critical that treatments include some form of collagen stimulation to help support diminished production.

Radiesse®® is a unique dermal filler that uses calcium-based microspheres to add immediate volume to the skin by creating a support system that lifts the skin. In the weeks and months following injection, these microspheres also help stimulate collagen production, improving the overall appearance of skin well into the future.

Radiesse®® Versus the Competition

Not all dermal fillers are alike. Many of the leading brands rely on a hyaluronic base to help fill in fine lines and developing creases. In contrast, the unique use of microspheres in the Radiesse® formula offers specific advantages patients would be unable to attain with other popular dermal filler options. These benefits include:

Treatment Longevity

While other dermal fillers may produce immediate results, these results tend to dissipate within several months and require frequent retreatment if patients want to keep their youthful volume. Radiesse®® treatment usually takes up to a week for results to become entirely noticeable, these results last. As Radiesse®® triggers the body’s collagen production process, the filler continues to provide results up to two years after injection.

Diverse Application

For many patients, dermal fillers as a common treatment are often thought of as just wrinkle treatment options. Radiesse®® is much more than an anti-aging solution. In addition to adding volume to the nasolabial folds and marionette lines, the injectable has successfully been used to add volume to the chin, lips, and hands. For patients who’ve lost volume in their face but don’t necessarily have wrinkles, Radiesse® can be an excellent way of softening harsh or angled features.

What to Expect During Your Radiesse®® Appointment

As Radiesse® is non-surgical and non-invasive, treatment is a quick and easy process. Once our dermatologist has identified the best placement of the filler, Radiesse® is applied with lidocaine to ensure a comfortable treatment experience. Overall injection usually takes about 30 minutes, and patients are typically able to return to their daily routine right after the treatment. Best of all, the immediate results will continue to improve the weeks and months that follow treatment.

Ready? Schedule Your Radiesse® Consultation Today!

With Radiesse®, you can restore and enjoy a more youthful appearance in just one simple treatment session. To learn more about the long-term dermal filler, contact Dr. Donofrio and her team to schedule a consultation.


Beat Dry Winter Lips with HA Fillers

Winter weather can be harsh on your skin. Although many patients know to revisit their daily skin care routine as the seasons change, few know about the importance of winter lip care. Neglecting this sensitive area of your skin can lead to unpleasant and painfully chapped lips. Instead of overapplying lip balm, which can further exacerbate your symptoms, hyaluronic acid fillers may be a better answer

What Causes Chapped Lips?

Chapped or cracked lips in the winter can be attributed to several key factors like changes in the weather and the environment. While summer weather may be warm and humid, winter weather is a stark contrast. Low to no moisture in the air, combined with the harsh effects of the sun and other environmental factors can have an intense drying effect on your lips. While the skin on the rest of your body can respond by increasing oil production, your lips don’t have oil glands, meaning they will dry out faster. Indoors, steady heater use without a humidifier can have a similar effect on your lips, leaving them vulnerable to chapping and cracking.

In addition to environmental damage, our behavior can also contribute to dry lips. Drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet that isn’t high in salt can be difficult around the winter months when hot beverages and heavy comfort food become dietary staples. As a result, not drinking enough water and adopting a salt-heavy diet can also contribute to developing dry, chapped lips.

Treating Chapped Lips with Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Most patients are familiar with hyaluronic acid fillers as the secret to smoother skin and fuller lips. However, the same ingredient that causes the plumping and smoothing effect of fillers on the skin is also responsible for making them effective treatments for dry, chapped lips.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that helps skin cells retain moisture. Over time, environmental factors and the aging process can outpace hyaluronic acid production, accelerating the development of fine lines and wrinkles. When used to treat these cosmetic flaws, hyaluronic acid fillers help add volume to the treatment area by helping skin cells retain water. Combined with collagen production stimulation, patients are left with naturally full looking skin that is conveniently well hydrated.

Using hyaluronic acid for chapped lips has several important advantages. First, the injectable helps especially vulnerable cells stay moisturized despite changes in weather and other factors. Secondly, the temporary results make it an attractive option that doesn’t require frequent touch-ups. Most hyaluronic fillers last about six months and gradually dissipate into the skin, making it a discreet option for patients who aren’t looking to enhance their pout year-round. Finally, the minimal treatment time and ease of application make dermal fillers an excellent option for busy patients who don’t have the time to spend constantly monitoring their lips for the slightest chap or crack. Dermal fillers allow patients to complete treatment and get back to their schedule without interruption or retreatment until the spring.

Restore Your Smile Today!

At Aria DermSpa, hyaluronic dermal fillers are an excellent solution for patients looking for a simple solution that ends unpleasant and unflattering chapped lips. To learn more about this non-invasive procedure, call our Madison, CT plastic surgeon today to schedule your consultation!


Get a Head Start on Your New Year’s Resolution with CoolSculpting

2019 is right around the corner – that means its time for the annual tradition of planning out New Year’s resolutions. For many, finally getting rid of unwanted fat pockets marring another wise perfect figure are usually at the top of the list. Rather than waiting until the start of the new year, why not get a head and start on your newest New Year’s resolution? With CoolSculpting, achieving your dream figure has never been easier.

Why Choose CoolSculpting?

While diet and exercise are mainstays of a healthy lifestyle, they don’t necessarily translate to a noticeable appearance change. Even if you’re regularly hitting the gym and eating a healthy diet, it can be difficult to target specific fat pockets. Furthermore, diet and exercise don’t eliminate unwanted fat cells. Rather, they can help keep the cells small and limit fluctuations that may cause them to expand. The only way to truly “lose fat” is to eliminate the cells and keep them from going back.

CoolSculpting is the only FDA-approved fat reduction solution that doesn’t require surgery to sculpt the perfect figure. Instead, the technology relies on cryolipolysis to eliminate unwanted fat deposits throughout the body. Pioneered by Harvard scientists, this technique uses an applicator to deliver extremely cold temperatures to fat cells without harming surrounding tissues. The fat cells freeze and are naturally passed through the body in the weeks following treatment sessions, revealing a newly sculpted figure.

What are the Benefits of CoolSculpting?

As CoolSculpting is non-surgical, the treatment offers some important advantages to patients beyond just a smoother, more contoured appearance. By eliminating the need for incisions like other body contouring procedures, this plastic surgery alternative involves little to no preparation or recovery. For men and women looking to start the new year looking their best but with little time available between now and the new year, CoolSculpting is an excellent way of getting a head start on your goals. For best results, several treatment sessions may be recommended, however, these sessions can be easily scheduled during an extended lunch break.

Another reason why patients love CoolSculpting is how noticeable the results are within a short period following treatment. As this solution destroys rather than removes unwanted fat cells, it takes about three weeks for results to become noticeable. Once the cells begin to be metabolized out, however, the difference can be striking. Combined with additional treatment sessions and continued diet and exercise, patients can complete their CoolSculpting journey looking like a completely new person.

Who is a Candidate for CoolSculpting?

Since the procedure is non-surgical, almost any patient over 18 can see a remarkable change with CoolSculpting. When considering this procedure, it is important to note that technology isn’t a weight-loss solution. As such, the best results are found when patients have already achieved their ideal body weight and are using the procedure to complement their current workout regimen. Maintaining their current workout routine and a healthy diet can also help ensure your results last well into the future.

Ring in 2019 with Your Dream Figure

Why wait until January to achieve your dream figure? With CoolSculpting from Aria DermSpa, you can get ahead of your new year’s plans by investing in this body contouring treatment today. Discover how CoolSculpting can transform your appearance by calling our Madison plastic surgeon today and scheduling your consultation!

How to Gift Cosmetic Dermatology for the Holidays

It’s the season of giving. Not only are we celebrating with family, we’re celebrating family and friends for the joy they bring to our lives every day. Finding the right way to express your appreciation can be challenging. Rather than waste money with a less than personal trinket, gift cosmetic dermatology. This is a gift you know they’ll appreciate and will improve their self-confidence.

Why Cosmetic Dermatology is the Best Gift

The choice to undergo cosmetic dermatology is personal and often underrated. For some, the decision takes a backseat to other expenses or treatments for their loved ones. Giving the gift of cosmetic dermatology is giving your close friends the opportunity to treat and spend precious time on their own health and care.

Top Treatments

If you are choosing to gift cosmetic dermatology to a close friend, chances are you’ve heard of their skin concerns and struggles with finding the perfect solution. Regardless of how well you know the patient, we recommend that the patient receiving the gift selects their gift during a consultation, so that there are no unwelcome surprises. While this may take away the element of surprise, it will ensure they receive the treatment they want and need. Among the most popular gifts at Aria DermSpa are:

BOTOX® and Dysport

Perfect as a proactive treatment or to help stall future deepening of wrinkles, injectables like BOTOX® and Dysport are excellent anti-aging solutions suitable for nearly all patients. As a gift, sessions can be given as one-time treatment or as a bundle of sessions. As injectables provide the most benefits when they are completed over a series of treatment sessions, Dr. Donofrio recommends bundling to provide your loved one with long lasting results that make a difference.

While BOTOX® and Dysport are very similar, there are significant differences that make each treatment ideal for different candidates. When you gift these injectables, our Madison, CT dermatologist will work with the recipient to ensure the correct treatment for their concerns.

Dermal Fillers

From increasing lip volume to restoring sunken cheeks, dermal fillers are an excellent option appreciated by patients of all ages. As a non-invasive cosmetic treatment, dermal fillers are a uniquely valuable gift as sessions are short enough to fit in a lunch break or between errands. Furthermore, the discreet results are perfect for patients who are worried about making drastic changes to their appearance.

As there are a number of different dermal filler options available, treatments can be specifically tailored to each individual’s needs. After gifting dermal filler injections, we’ll work with your loved one to identify which formula will most successfully help them reach their goals.  At Aria DermSpa, patients can choose from Restylane®, Juvéderm®, and Belotero.

Rejuvenation Procedures

Skin rejuvenation treatments are also excellent gift options. While many skin rejuvenation treatments are a bit more invasive than other cosmetic dermatology procedures, these advanced options yield long-lasting results that noticeably turn back the hands of time. At Aria DermSpa, our state-of-art practice offers a full suite of treatment options. Some of the most popular rejuvenation procedures our patients choose include:

  • Chemical peels
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Microneedling
  • PRP Facial Rejuvenation
  • Laser Resurfacing
  • Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Give the Gift of Self-Care

Nearly everyone appreciates the value of self-care and few have the time to indulge. This year give loved ones the gift of self-love through cosmetic dermatology procedures. To learn more about gifting treatments and selecting the right one for friends and family, call Dr. Donofrio at (203) 421-6674.


Unmasking Melasma: What You Need to Know

While the name may sound concerning, melasma is more of an unsightly inconvenience than a serious health concern. Melasma causes greyish brown or brown patches that appear on skin commonly exposed to the sun. Common places where the patches develop include the forehead, cheeks, nose, beneath the eyes, chin, arms, neck, and back. Uniquely, these spots develop in symmetrical pairs – if a spot appears on your right cheekbone, chances are another will follow shortly in the same area of your left cheekbone. Here’s what you need to know about this skin condition, its cause, and how to best treat it.

What Causes Melasma?

So far, there is no definitive cause of melasma – that is to say, being out in the sun will not immediately cause the development of the characteristic patches across your face. However, recent studies by researchers and dermatologists have suggested that certain factors can increase the likelihood of developing melasma. These include sun exposure, genetics, ethnicity, stress, and even thyroid function.

Additionally, it has been noted that hormonal changes and fluctuations are prevailing risk factors for melasma. While the condition can occur in any patient, an estimated 90% of patients with the condition are women. Furthermore, changes to estrogen and progesterone levels like those associated with oral contraceptives, pregnancy, and hormone therapy have been tied to the development of melasma in patients. For this reason, melasma is also called chloasma, or the “mask of pregnancy.”

What is the Difference Between Melasma, Age Spots and Freckles?

Age spots, freckles, and melasma may all seem very similar but can be differentiated from one another rather easily. Each of these blemishes is a form of hyperpigmentation stemming from the over-production of melanin. However, there are significant differences between what triggers the hyperpigmentation associated with each blemish.

In individuals with melasma, the development of patches comes as the result of hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, or sun exposure and are more common among patients with darker skin tones.

In contrast, freckles have a more circular, tan appearance and are more common in patients of lighter skin tones. Melanin production, in the case of freckles, is more so triggered by sun exposure rather than hormones, making it possible for very young children to develop the condition.

On the other hand, age spots are flat and oval-shaped, taking a tan, brown, and even black shade. While they may develop on young adults, age spots are more common among older patients who have had years of sun exposure.

What are My Treatment Options?

While melasma is a purely cosmetic condition, the sudden development of patches can be concerning for many patients. For some, especially pigmented blemishes can be difficult to cover with makeup and can undermine the individual’s self-confidence. Luckily, new techniques and advanced dermatology treatment solutions have made it possible for patients with melasma to overcome their condition and restore smooth, even tone to their skin. Some of the most popular solutions for melasma include:

Topical Treatment

Considered the gold standard in melasma treatment, topical treatment with professional creams is one of the first treatments recommended. Usually, these topical creams are compounds made with hydroquinone, tretinoin, and a corticosteroid to better even skin tone.


For patients who are not candidates for topical treatment, other options exist that are highly effective in treating melasma. Microdermabrasion is another quick, outpatient solution that has long been used to address hyperpigmentation in delicate areas without the use of chemicals or creams. As a result, many melasma patients have found this solution as an excellent solution for not only treating blemishes but also rejuvenating skin into a healthier appearance.

Chemical Peel

Much like microdermabrasion, chemical peels have successfully been used by our Madison dermatologist to address hyperpigmentation across the face. Under this procedure, different chemicals are used to remove the dead and damaged top layers of skin. This stimulates important cell rejuvenation as well as collagen production, helping reset skin health.

Laser Treatment

Fractional laser skin resurfacing has emerged in the last decade as another option for patients looking to clear their appearance of spots as well as fine lines. Under this minimally invasive treatment, the laser operates at specific wavelengths to target hyperpigmentation and other skin flaws within a treatment area, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.

Ready to Tackle Your Blemishes? Call our Madison, CT Team Today!

While melasma may be unsightly, there are easily accessible, minimally invasive options for rejuvenating your appearance and restoring your self-confidence. To learn more about this condition and your treatment options, call Aria Dermspa at 203-421-6674 today to schedule your consultation.


Keep Your Skin Care Simple with a Chemical Peel

Keeping your skin healthy and glowing can take time beyond just washing, moisturizing and exfoliating at home. As we age, having a regular professional treatment can make a noticeable difference in the appearance and wellbeing of your dermis, ultimately keeping you looking younger. While there are several skin rejuvenation options to choose from, one that we like to recommend is a chemical peel. Designed specifically for your unique skin needs, a chemical peel is a tried and true solution for keeping skin vibrant and healthy year-round.

Why Chemical Peels?

First and foremost, chemical peels are supported by decades of science and success. Every year, new techniques and treatments emerge as the next “world’s best kept anti-aging secret.” While many of these innovations are certainly promising, few have the same clout as chemical peels. Over the years, innovations in the types of chemicals used within the procedure have made it possible to further personalize treatments and maximize results.

Another important advantage of this classic skin care treatment? Chemical peels have been successfully used in treating a myriad of topical skin conditions without needing in-depth treatment. Acne scarring, melasma, sun damage, fine lines and other signs of aging have all been successfully treated with single chemical peel treatments. When completed on a routine schedule, regular chemical peels help keep the signs of aging at bay for patients of all ages.

Furthermore, the benefits of chemical peels appeal to both male and female patients who are interested in rejuvenating their skin. For men already facing the taboo of cosmetic dermatology, chemical peels are an easy upkeep solution that leaves no dramatic changes other than great skin. For younger patients, chemical peels are an excellent method of proactively approaching inevitable aging.

Invest in Your Skin

Don’t have time to return frequently for expensive follow-up sessions? With chemical peels, you don’t have to sacrifice beautiful skin for cost or time. Rather, the treatment effectively addresses fine lines, pigmentation, scarring and more, all without the high costs or return visits. Furthermore, the long-lasting results of a chemical peel make it a worthwhile long-term investment for many individuals looking to simplify their skin care routine.

Chemical Peels and Your Skin Routine

When it comes to integrating regular chemical peels into your schedule, we understand there’s a lot to consider. At Aria Dermspa, all consultations start with meeting Dr. Donofrio one on one to discuss your concerns about the treatment, find the right chemical peel that fits your needs and goals, and create a long-term strategy that maintains healthy, beautiful and even skin tone. As one of the area’s leading dermatology clinics, Aria Dermspa has helped countless patients achieve and maintain their ideal skin long after the initial treatment. By working with you to help create the right follow-up regimen and schedule follow-up peels, our team is here to help you enjoy long-lasting results.

Ready to Schedule Your Next Chemical Peel? Call Us!

At Aria Dermspa of Madison, CT, our goal is simple – provide all patients with the high-quality care they deserve. To learn more about chemical peels or to schedule your appointment, call 203-421-6674 today to get started.


Fall Skincare Tips for Gorgeous Skin

After a hot summer, we can definitely say we’re looking forward to changing seasons and cooling temperatures. However, just because the seasons are changing, doesn’t mean you can’t keep your summer glow and clear skin. Check out Dr. Donofrio’s top tips for gorgeous skin this fall.

Routine, Routine, Routine

As the season’s change, so do your skin’s needs. While many may find they can get away with less moisturizer in the summer, drier weather means your skin needs the additional nourishment to stay hydrated and pliant. Maintaining your dewy, fresh look year-round starts with a trip to your medicine cabinet. Before fall is fully underway, we recommend revisiting your skincare regimen and swapping out summer-specific cleansers or moisturizers for ones that are tailored to tackle crisp weather. This re-evaluation should include:

Check Your Cleanser

While a summer skin cleanser may help tamp down excess oil production, using the same formula during the fall can dry out skin, causing it to age faster and lose its glow. If you’re planning on revitalizing your skincare regimen for the fall, we recommend starting with your cleanser. A good autumnal face wash shouldn’t leave your skin feeling tight or itchy.


Between the summer heat and excess sweating, chances are your face has collected its fair share of dead skin cells. Making daily or weekly exfoliation part of your fall skincare routine is crucial to keeping skin clear, meaning fewer blemishes and better skin health.


Looking for the key to glowing skin? A good moisturizer. Especially during the cooler months, when we’re dealing with colder temperatures outside and overusing heaters indoors. Keep your skin hydrated this fall by investing in a moisturizer designed for your skin type. If it has SPF in it, even better – the sun’s harmful rays can still damage skin cells even during the cooler months.

In-Office Treatments

A solid at-home skin care regimen is only part of keeping healthy, glowing skin as the summer gives way to fall. Many in-office skincare treatments, including injectables and chemical peels, are designed to boost the appearance and health of skin, ensuring you feel confident in your appearance year-round.

Face Fall with a Fuller, Smoother Appearance

If you spent most of your summer outside and in the sun, chances are your skin has suffered at least a little sun damage. While it may not be completely noticeable yet, dead or dying skin cells caused by too much sun and not enough sunscreen can accelerate the appearance of aging. For patients who’ve already noticed signs that their skin has lost some of its youthful suppleness or volume, additional sun damage can speed up these symptoms.

Rather than let these conditions worsen over the fall and winter, preventive care with injectables can turn back the clock on these common signs of aging. Patients who’ve seen fine lines and wrinkles start to appear across the forehead or near the eyes and mouth have found BOTOX® to be the ideal solution for putting the aging process on hold. This injectable has also been shown to be an effective preventive option for younger individuals looking to take control of the way their skin ages. For individuals looking to add more, natural-looking volume to areas that have lost volume, Dr. Donofrio offers a wide array of hyaluronic acid-based injections, such as Restylane® and Radiesse®, to replace collagen in specific areas of the face.

Enjoy Full Rejuvenation Before Fall

For some patients, preparing for the changing seasons requires starting with a fresh slate. This can mean full facial rejuvenation through more comprehensive dermatological care. Treatments like fractional laser skin resurfacing or PRP facial rejuvenation are just a few of the many options available to help patients clear away damaged skin and kickstart the healing process. When combined with a personalized at home skincare regimen, many of our Madison patients are pleased to find their skin looks and feels fantastic well into the cold season.

Keep Your Skin Beautiful this Fall – Schedule Your Consultation Today!

At Aria Dermspa, we know how differently each patient’s skin can react to changing seasons. That’s why all of our treatment solutions are designed with your skin type, concerns, and goals in mind. As one of Madison’s top dermatologists, Dr. Donofrio offers a wide array of preventive and restorative skincare solutions. From developing at-home care regimens to administering advanced rejuvenation treatments, our dermatologist is here to help you keep your skin looking its best. Call 203-421-6674 today to schedule your consultation!

Is Fat the Perfect Filler?

It’s all natural and all yours. In recent years, autologous fat transfers have become a popular solution for men and women looking to remove fat from one area of their body and use it to improve the volume or appearance of another. The use of fat as a filler has become an option many patients are now looking into, but how effective is this option?

Fat as a Filler: A Quick History

A fat transfer is a surgical procedure by which excess fat is harvested from one part of the body and used to add volume to another. When it comes to facial fat transfers, also known as microlipoinjection, fat can be used to add volume to the lips and cheeks, and to fill out lines and wrinkles. While this procedure may sound new, it has been in the medical literature since 1903.

Part of the growing popularity of facial fat transfer is the opportunity it gives patients to add volume to their face without having to turn to synthetic, temporary injectables. Microlipoinjection is viewed by many as a more natural alternative because it uses the patient’s own fat cells to recontour the face.

Who is a Candidate?

As with traditional dermal fillers, almost any patient over the age of 18 can be a candidate for a fat transfer. Given the nature of the treatment, it is important that individuals have excess fat tissue in another part of their body that can be donated to their upcoming transfer treatment. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will conduct a thorough evaluation of your medical health to ensure you are healthy enough for the procedure. Additionally, patients considering this treatment do not need to worry about allergic reactions because the harvested fat is their own.

What Are Some Considerations?

As with any other cosmetic procedure, there are pros and cons to facial and body fat transfer procedures. Understanding some of these considerations as well as doing enough research and talking to an experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Donofrio can ensure you have all the information necessary to make the right decision for your health and aesthetic goals.

Fat-Based Dermal Fillers Have Long-Term Potential

Due to the grafting process, not all the removed fat cells will survive the transfer process. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, about 50% of grafted fat cells survive. However, these surviving fat cells will always remain in place – they may shrink or expand but will always stay in place. In comparison, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and synthetic dermal fillers tend to dissipate after a period of time

Injecting Fat Fillers is a More Extensive Procedure

Compared to traditional injectables like Juvéderm® or Restylane®, the actual injected solution must be removed from the patient before the process can begin. During a facial fat transfer procedure, fat is harvested from another part of the body, refined, then re-injected into the target area. As not all the transferred fat cells survive the process, it can take several visits before patients achieve their ideal results.

Another important consideration is that while facial fat transfer may not appear to be especially invasive, the harvesting process requires some form of liposuction to collect the fat that will be grafted. As a result, it is important that patients set aside enough recovery time after the treatment.

Facial Fat Transfers are Highly Versatile

In addition to having zero chance of causing an allergic reaction, fat transfers have been successfully used to not only add volume but to smooth the appearance of wrinkles anywhere around the face. For patients nervous about BOTOX® or traditional dermal fillers, fat transfer presents a more natural alternative for restoring a youthful appearance.

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